Monday, April 28, 2014

CVS Extracare: Store Coupons ~ Week of 4|28|14!

Check out the CVS Store Coupons at the Coupon Center being printed this week! Just walk right into your CVS pharmacy and scan your ExtraCare Card or enter your telephone number associated with your card. You should see some great coupons printing and keep scanning until the display says No coupons available/check back tomorrow. Also go to your online account at CVS that you signed up for {if you haven't sign up today} - check for additional coupon savings. If the machine is not working, remember you can talk with the manager of the store. Keep in mind that these coupons can be stacked with manufacture coupons. Go to the coupon database and search for any additional savings. These posts will show weekly on Monday!  View CVS Coupon policy. Become a CVS Advisor Panelist and receive additional savings! Join the CVS FREE Beauty Club!

 Use before 4|28|14! 
$2 off any New Irish Spring GEAR bar or body wash - Ready up!

Use before 5|1|14!
$2 off any Baby Care purchase of $10 or more

Use before 5|4|14!
$2 off any $8 Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Floss or Mouthwash
$2 off $8 Body Wash, Bar Soap or Liquid Soap

Use before 5|11|14!
$2 off $10 Body Lotion purchase. Try Aveeno, Eucerin or Nivea
$2 off any $6 Manicure and Pedicure supplies (in footcare aisle)
$1 off $8 Facial Cleanser, Moisturizer or Acne Care

Use before 5|18|14!

$4 off any $10 Razors, Blades or Shave creams/gel
$2 off any Vitamin purchase of $10 or more!
$2 off $8 Allergy Relief. Excludes Pseudoephedrine
$2 off any $8 Hair Styling, Spray, Gels, Creams or Mousse 
$1.50 off $5 any Advil, Aleve, Bayer, Excedrin or CVS Brand Pain
$1.50 off any $4 Deodorant purchase

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  1. Thank you for sharing these CVS deals! I love shopping at CVS and using their Red Machine for coupons. I often find some of the best deals there :)

  2. I always look forward to this blog post. I have saved so much at CVS, thanks to your input. Trying to find the perfect deals and save money is a game for me. I try and wait to buy things I need when they go on sale and I have coupons. I need toothpaste and razors, so I'll be heading to CVS.

  3. I love getting these deals at CVS and love that you tell me what the best deals are prior to going to the store. Thanks for all the information to help save me money!


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