Tuesday, January 14, 2014

SSFAM # 52 Week Money Saving Challenge ~ Week 3

Download the SSFAM 52 Week Money Challenge Chart now.  Each week, you will find a tip that I will share that you can use to help you save the required weekly amount. If you find another creative way, be sure to stop on by my comments and let us all know.

Week 3 ~ Deposit $3.00 = Total savings $6.00

2 Tips on finding extra money during Week 3:

*Visit my instagram for pictures and information on store product savings this week.
*If you shop for groceries this week, consider substituting items that are on sale or clearance for products you would normally purchase and apply the savings to your deposit.

Go here for Week 1.
Go here for Week 2.
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If you would like for me to share savings that your company has, email me today to find out more.

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