Tuesday, September 30, 2014

$4.14 Tide Oxi ~ Food Depot!

$4.14 Tide Oxi - 7.12lb - I had to bring only my supporters this deal before this coupon expires! Go to Food Depot! Find the Save $4.00/1 coupon in your September P&G insert! This coupon expires today!

$0.23 Mott's Applesauce ~ Target!

$0.23/each pouch - Mott's applesauce cinnamon - Target! Don't forget to add your 5% Target Cartwheel offer for even more savings! Tag a friend who needs this savings!

SSFAM # 52 Week Money Saving Challenge ~ Week 40

What savings did you find during Week 40?  Well this week, I found some great sales everywhere this week ~ view my weekly Instagram Saving photos! Download go here to download the SSFAM 52 Week Money Challenge Chart now.  Each week, you will find a tip that I will share that you can use to help you save the required weekly amount. If you find another creative way, be sure to stop on by my comments and let us all know.

Find more deals this week. Take a look on my Instagram last week of deals and yes a lot of the items were still cheap or FREE, which doubled more of my savings.  
Week 39 ~ Deposit $39.00 = Total savings total $780.00

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Monday, September 29, 2014

CVS Extracare: Store Coupons ~ Week of 9|29|14!

Check out the CVS Store Coupons at the Coupon Center being printed this week! Just walk right into your CVS pharmacy and scan your ExtraCare Card or enter your telephone number associated with your card. You should see some great coupons printing and keep scanning until the display says No coupons available/check back tomorrow. Also go to your online account at CVS that you signed up for {if you haven't sign up today} - check for additional coupon savings. If the machine is not working, remember you can talk with the manager of the store. Keep in mind that these coupons can be stacked with manufacture coupons. Go to the coupon database and search for any additional savings. These posts will show weekly on Monday!  View CVS Coupon policy. Become a CVS Advisor Panelist and receive additional savings! Join the CVS FREE Beauty Club!

Use by 10|05|14!
40% Off Revlon Beauty Tools (Nail files, tweezers) 
20% off any tampon, pad or liner purchase, including CVS Brand 
$2 Off Any Ponds Facial Care (excl Trial)
$1.50 Off Any Noxzema Facial Care (excl Trial) 
$1 off any $5 of more Band-Aid or CVS Brand Bandage purchase! 

Use by 10|12|14!
$1 off any Advil, Aleve, Bayer, Excedrin or CVS Brand Pain Relief        

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mom Saver booklets ~ Find in Publix!

Moms, look for these booklets in Publix! Happy Family coupons, Huggies and Pullups coupons. These are all Manufacture coupons. The booklets can be found in the slots of the front entrance (store information carousel) or ask in Customer service.

$0.78 Swanson Broth ~ Publix!

$0.78/ each Swanson Broth - Publix! Find the Save $1.00/2 MF coupon on CampbellsKitchen.com! 

$1.00 Slow Kettle Campbell's Soup ~ Publix!

$1.00 Campbell's Slow Kettle Soup - Publix! Find the Save $1.00/1 MF coupon on CampbellsKitchen.com and the Publix Save $1.00/2 coupon in the store on the Best Meals at Home display!

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